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Lead Testing Reagents

The Synlead lead test kit offers a rapid colourimetric test for trace lead in fuel. It is used with a portable colourimeter and has a shelf life of approximately 4 months. The test method is the ASTM 3348-91.

Prices (ex works) are as follows:

100 Tests USD: 95.00

There are a number of first world nations are well advanced in the phasing out of TEL (Tetraethyl lead) and TML (Tetramethyl lead) fuel additives for commercial motor vehicles. However, a number of countries are only now starting the conversion process from the above mentioned neurotoxins to cleaner burning additives.

"Action on lead, clearly warranted, long delayed, and easily obtained, could be the first in a series of steps to protect the legacy we owe our children - a physical and social world in which their brains and futures can reach the extremity of their potential."

Dr Herbert L. Needleman, 11 May 1982

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